The story of Club Penguin

Once upon a time, when Club Penguin was but a young town there lived a young penguin named Yeloluver. She was very curious and wondered about the world around her.

Yeloluver was sleeping in her igloo at the time and heard the sound of ringing bells. She immediately grabbed one of her puffles and left to investigate. She stopped herself at the beach and in the gloomy shadow stood Santa. After further investigation Yeloluver noticed that he was unconscious, apearantly knocked out with a club in the back of the head. Attached to his coat was a note saying, “If you want to see your reindeer ever again leave $45,000,000,000 at the top of the coffee shop before 3:00 tomarrow. Have no help or they will suffer greatly.” Yeloluver awoke Santa and informed him of the circumstances. The two decided that Yeloluver should jet pack the skies to see if she could spot the reindeer. Unfortunetly…

To be continued…


February 19, 2007 at 10:10 pm 3 comments


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